Donna's story

My dad was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer seven years ago. It is the worst thing a family can go through, being told one of the people you love most has a terminal illness. My Dad was given 2 years to live but that was 7 years ago now.
Dove House is so special to us as family. We felt like we were on our own until a nurse referred us to the hospice and now they are the first people I know we can call on to help us.
The hospice have helped with things like helping sorting out finances, which I wasn’t even aware they did and there is always someone for my mum to talk to. Her and my dad have been together since they were 16 years old, the diagnosis not only threw my dad’s world up in the air, it threw my mum’s up also. The hospice is supporting us all as a family through this difficult time.
Without Dove House we would have been lost. We can breathe a bit easier knowing Dove House is there for us.
When my daughter Georgia sings it really lifts her Grandad’s spirits, he always says she is his medicine and he was delighted that she performed at the hospice’s Light up a Life last year. Georgia is so proud to help, show her support to the hospice and express our gratitude for everything the hospice does and for the continued support us they give us.