Our Vision 

Dove House Hospice has a vision, a vision that every adult within our community with a life limiting illness has the best quality of life possible, with easy access to high quality palliative care in the setting of their choosing.


Our Mission Statement 

Dove House Hospice Limited exists to provide a range of specialist services for people with a life-threatening illness and those who care about them, in order to maintain and enhance their quality of life. This means that we will: 

  • Preserve the dignity of our patients and those who care about them, respecting their individuality, acting with honesty and integrity at all times.

  • Continually strive to review and improve the services we offer to ensure that they meet the changing needs of the people of Hull & The East Riding of Yorkshire.

  • Offer to share with others the knowledge and skills that are vested in our staff.

Our Vision & Values Positive, Professional and Passionate

Everyone involved with Dove House Hospice, including Trustees, Staff, and Volunteers are proud to live and work by the values of the hospice, that “United we will be passionate, positive and professional”.

We will be UNITED;

always willing to help, show empathy and support for others, and will wear the hospice uniform and/or badge with pride.

We will be PASSIONATE:

to be champion of the hospice, work hard to go the extra mile, and to be enthusiastic, committed and willing to adapt and change.

We will be POSITIVE:

to search for solutions when dealing with a problem, to encourage, give praise and be open to other people’s ideas, and greet people warmly with a smile.


to live the hospice values and follow our own professional code of conduct, to show respect for all persons and the environment, and to be polite and considerate to all persons within and outside the hospice.

Guided by Our Mission Statement and Our Values we are committed to the following: 

  • Keep our patients, their families and friends at the centre of everything we do.

  • Meet the individual physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs of people with life-limiting illnesses and of those who care about them.  

  • Provide a unique and special range of services that are equally available to all residents of Hull & the East riding of Yorkshire.

  • Continue to demonstrate a commitment to equality and diversity across all services.

  • Recognise that the service is provided by a wide range of people, all of whose contributions are important and valued.

  • Recognise the need to make the possible use of all our resources, managing them and operating a professional, caring and efficient way. 

  • Provide an environment in which feelings may be openly expressed, and acknowledged with sensitivity.