Fire & Ice Walk Join us on this Halloween themed evening to walk on Fire and (or) Ice

31 Oct 2022
Hosted by:
Dove House Hospice
Dove House Hospice

The Firewalk
Firewalking is the practice of walking barefoot on hot embers at a temperature of up to 1200ºF (that’s 650 ºC!).   

After a comprehensive training seminar from UK Firewalk, you will be led out to the fire and walk safely across the burning embers!

The Ice Walk
Glass walking is also known as “Ice walking” and is completely different to fire walking. Hundreds of broken and sterilised bottles are laid out, then you place your foot on the razor-sharp glass and walk confidently across.

Registration is just £30 for one challenge or £40 for both and we’re asking everyone to fundraise at least £100 for one challenge of £150 if you're planning on doing both.

Spectators are welcome (depending on capacity) - Halloween themed activities on the night.

Age Restrictions
Ideally the walkers should be over the age of 11 years old. However we will consider slightly younger if they are mature.   All we ask if under 18 that they are mature enough to listen to the training and will require a parent or guardian to sign a form.

Event Terms & Conditions can be found here:  Event T&Cs

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