Dove House is here to help and support people living with progressive life limiting illnesses, but it is also here for the people who are caring for them. Caring for someone you love can be a rewarding and fulfilling thing to do, but it can also bring feelings of exhaustion, loneliness and a sense of guilt when making time for yourself. This is where Dove House can help you.

The Dove House Family Support Team help by tailoring the support they give to the needs of individual families and carers to try to achieve the best quality of life for everyone involved. Our staff are experienced and compassionate and they understand the many ways that lives can be altered when a loved one becomes ill. 

We can help with:

  • being a listening ear 
  • family concerns
  • spirital care
  • worries about money (benefits, grants, debts, funeral costs)
  • practical problems (housing, signposting, other agencies)
  • legal issues (wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, care of children, marriage)

If you think the Family Support Team can help you please click the button below to refer to our services:

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