Everyone experiences a sense of loss after someone they loved or cared for has died, and this is different for everyone, it is a very personal experience.  Some people want to deal with it privately, and some people need to reach out for help. These are very powerful feelings and they can range from feeling sad, tearful, angry, scared and often there is also a sense of guilt. It is ok to feel like this, and it is ok to ask for help.  There are many ways that Dove House can support you during this time, and there are people here at the hospice who will understand how you feel and who will listen.

Our Family Support Team has lots of experience in helping people to talk through their grief, and the many thoughts and emotions that come and go during this time. Our team can also help with practical advice and support and have links with lots of other organisations who can offer support to you and your family.

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Children's Bereavement Groups

Children and young people often struggle with grief, and may need extra support when someone they love has died. If you think we can help, contact our Child Bereavement Co-ordinators who will be able to give you information about our Children’s Bereavement Groups.

Bereavement Pack

We understand that the period after someone has died can be very hard, it’s a time when there are often strong emotions but also a time when the next of kin has to make necessary arrangements. We have created a guide that will hopefully help families navigate the days and weeks after they have loved one.

Download the Bereavement Pack

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult and can often be very isolating. Come along and meet other people who have had similar experiences.

Welcome Wednesdays are hosted by the Dove House Family Support Team who are here to support you through your grief and bereavement.

Open to all bereaved people with or without a connection to Dove House Hospice. The person who has died did not have to receive care at Dove House for you to come along.

 First and third Wednesday of the month

 1pm to 3pm

 Amy Johnson Community Hub, Dove House Hospice, HU8 8DH

There's no need to book to attend Welcome Wednesdays but if you would like to let us know you are coming please fill in the form below:

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