Did you know that donations of loose change are worth an incredible £320 million to charities?

You may think that a few pence in a jar won’t make much difference in providing care at Dove House, but the reality is that it makes all the difference.  Collection boxes raise over £30,000 a year for our patients and their families, and over the years the total raised from these little boxes now exceeds over £500,000 and counting. Not bad for a bit of loose change!
Our care at the hospice comes in all different forms, and not all costs a lot of money.
A cup of tea for a worried relative may cost only a few pence for us to make, but can make a huge difference in the most difficult of times.
Hot, homemade, freshly prepared meals for a patient costs around £10 a day.
A long soak in a warm bubble bath, something lots of our patients haven't experienced for a long time, costs around £1.50.

These things may not seem a lot, but they can make a world of difference to our patients and their families.
If you want to be involved with making a real change for patients and families at Dove House with your spare change, either at home or at your workplace, please give us a call on 01482 785743 or email fundraising@dovehouse.org.uk

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and we will send out a collection box to you.