Being diagnosed with a life limiting or terminal illness can be a shock, often bringing with it a wave of feelings that are very difficult to deal with. There is no right or wrong way to react to this, and the staff at Dove House understand that everyone is a unique in dealing with their diagnosis. We also know that there are ways of helping to overcome these difficult emotions, not just for the patient, but for their loved ones too.

​It is easy to miss important information when being given an upsetting or unexpected diagnosis, leaving you with questions and a need for more understanding about your situation.  Our staff know this, they know how to listen to your questions, they understand your fears.  If you feel that no-one understands what you are going through feeling isolated and alone, if you are struggling to talk to your loved ones about your diagnosis, there are people here at the hospice who can help.

If you are feeling worried and anxious, please get in touch with us.  If you are reading this because someone you love has been given an unexpected or upsetting diagnosis, all our contact details are here. We are here to listen, we will do everything we can to help.

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