Donating your unwanted goods to the hospice is easy and is a great way to support the work of Dove House whilst also caring for the environment by allowing your goods to be reused and recycled.

We are able to accept most items for resale as long as they work and are in a good condition. Some items we are unable to take because we are forbidden to do so by trading standards or because we are unable to sell them. 

There are a number of ways you can donate:

Donating directly to our shops
Visit the shops page to find your nearest shop. Items will be gratefully accepted during opening hours, please do not leave goods outside of the shops outside of these hours. Please note some of our shops have parking directly outside. These shops are marked as ‘easy to donate’ locations. Please only donate furniture and large goods to our furniture shops.

Donate directly to our Retail Distribution Centre (RDC)
Donations, large and small (including furniture and domestic appliances), can also be taken directly to our Retail Distribution Centre on Malmo Road, Hull, HU7 0YF. Simply pull your car up to the large shutter door to the left of the building and we will help you unload. 

Donating goods at the Main Hospice Building
If you are visiting the main hospice building and wish to make a donation, please take it directly to the onsite shop which can be accessed directly from Chamberlain Road. We only have a small reception area at the hospice so it would help us enormously if donations could be taken directly to the shop.

Find your nearest shop

Collection Service
We have a collection service available across Hull & East Yorkshire however please be aware this service is only available for furniture and appliance collection, not for general goods.

You are able to get in touch with the transport team via telephone on: 01482 785780 or through our contact form here. (Please select 'Goods and Furniture Donation' for the enquiry.)

What we can't accept
We are thankful that you're thinking of donating to us to support the hospice and those we care for. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept some items, sometimes these items are brought to us and it means we have to dispose of them which end up costing the hospice money. Please read our list of items we're unable to accept for donation before dropping them off are a donation site.

Items we can't accept


When visiting our shops/RDC to donate you will be asked about Gift Aid. By agreeing to allow us claim Gift Aid you will add 25% to the value of your goods at no extra cost to you. If you are already registered for Gift Aid, please remember to bring your MyCard key fob with you so we can scan it.

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