Janet's Volunteer story

Hello, my name is Janet and I started volunteering after receiving such lovely kindness at the hospice when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The help I was given was incredible and I wanted to give something back and in some small way help the hospice support others like me when they need it. I could not have been better looked after. This prompted me to work for Dove House as a 'thank you' for all the care I had, so half a day a week was what I volunteered to do, and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

The Dove House charity shop is local to me and I felt like I could make a difference.  So many people need help and it is rewarding to volunteer for a charity that makes such a difference whether it be patients, people who attend the groups, or bereaved family members of loved ones.

This was six and a half years ago now and I am still proud to be a Dove House volunteer. People often compliment us on how nice our charity shop in Hornsea is and how they admire our window displays.

I find my time at the charity shop enjoyable, fulfilling, and fun. I would highly recommend it. It has helped me to socialise which I wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for volunteering. It is nice that the work we do as volunteers is noticed not just by staff but by our community. Every member of staff have become friends and we all work as a close knit team and always support one another.

With the current cost of living crisis, I think the role charity shops play is very important. In lots of cases, it means that someone can afford to buy something from the hospice that they wouldn’t have been able to afford elsewhere. The hospice charity shops are playing a very important role within their communities.

Since the breast cancer I have had several operations for my osteoarthritis i.e. two new knees, and a hip done twice because I had a shadow on my pelvis which turned out to be a cyst and was removed, and at the same time, the surgeon removed the old hip which meant him taking out the old pin to replace with a new one.  This caused complications because it had fused in the bone - so my femur had to be broken all around for him to replace the long pin - resulting in my thigh permanently being wired up which caused nerve damage.  But, after saying all that - my job at Dove House was too much of a lifeline for me to give up so I go in on Tuesdays and do 2-3 hours only as standing for long is painful, but the staff are so marvellous and lift all the heavy bags for me.  I enjoy the Tuesdays so much and hope to continue there well into the future.

If you feel you could give your time and make a commitment you won't regret it!