If you are living with a life limiting or terminal illness, the symptoms you are experiencing can often have a negative effect on your daily life, preventing you from doing things you would like to do.  These symptoms may be due to side effects of the medication you are taking, changes in your diet or you may be less mobile than before.  Sometimes your symptoms may make you feel less independent, or that the quality of life at home with your family is suffering. The experienced multi-disciplinary teams here at Dove House may be able to help you.

We have a range of therapists including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and complimentary therapists who might have just the thing to help with managing your symptoms.  If breathlessness is making you feel less confident and worried about leaving the house, if you would like to feel more mobile, or if your condition is progressing and you need to develop different ways of doing things, get in touch with our team. Dove House is here to help, to help you feel more in control, and to understand more about how to control the symptoms that are worrying you. We know how important it is for people with life limiting, progressive or terminal illness to feel in control of their symptoms, to stay independent for as long as they can, and to feel supported. If you think we can help you, or someone you care for, all the contact details you need are here.

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