Virtual Challenges

Virtual Challenges

Right now, taking good care of your physical and mental health is more important than ever. Keeping active is also a great way to help banish the boredom of not just yourself, but also everybody else in your household. With this in mind, why not set yourself a virtual challenge that you can complete in the comfort of your own home whilst helping to raise funds for the hospice?

This is your challenge, and you get the freedom to decide when you complete it, and how long it will take you – we want you to feel good while you fundraise!

Here are some virtual challenge ideas for you below:

  • Run a marathon around your house/garden
  • Stair challenge: how many times can you climb your stairs in 10 minutes? Complete every day, and see if you can go that little bit further each day!
  • The 100 challenge: Think of 10 different exercises, and complete 10 reps for each exercise. You can aim to complete this everyday, or really challenge yourself by seeing how quickly you can complete the full workout!
  • Breathing/mindfulness challenge: Complete anywhere between 1 and 10 minutes of meditation daily. You can use free apps such as Headspace and Calm to help achieve your mental wellbeing goal

Once you’ve thought of a challenge that either yourself or the rest of your household can complete, create your own campaign page on Justgiving. You can even post updates from Strava to let everyone know about your progress. Share the link online with everybody you know, and encourage them to support you while you complete your virtual challenge!