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Family Support

The Family Support Team helps our patients and their loved ones with the non-medical issues that sometimes run alongside life-limiting illnesses.

In many cases our emotions, social situation and our spiritual or religious beliefs can make living with a serious illness even more difficult; the Family Support team are here to help people work through these issues offering help, support, guidance and a friendly shoulder to cry on.

Who can the Family Support team help?

Basically the team can help anyone who is connected to the patient - the patient's family (even if they are children), their friends and any carers.

What kind of help can the Family Support team offer?

The team offers many kinds of help and, like all of the services at Dove House Hospice, their approach is person-centred with each individual being treated differently depending upon their needs. The team helps with:

  • Money worries and legal issues
  • Emotional issues
  • Stress
  • Religious or spiritual questions
  • Housing problems if a patient needs to move because of their illness
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Family problems
  • Bereavement difficulties

The Family Support team aims to help any of the non-medical pressures and worries that a patient or those involved with them might have however complicated it may be. The above list is examples of how the team can help but if you have a problem that is not listed they will still endeavour to work it out with you. All the help the Family Support team offer is free of charge.

How does the Family Support team help?

At the outset a member of the team will meet with a patient or family member and will listen to their worries and concerns. It is natural that during times of difficulty the person might find it difficult to talk about how they feel and may want to cry or remain silent or even shout - we will not judge anyone, we'll just work with them, in their own time, to try and overcome any worries, fears or concerns.

There are many ways the team will work; it might start with an informal chat, be a private one-to-one meeting or even a group session if appropriate. The team will meet with people at the hospice, in the comfort of the person's own home or in the local community.

The Family Support team also works with other external agencies including government agencies, care homes and external nursing services to ensure that the patient and their loved ones are getting the best available help at an extremely difficult time.

How can I get the help of the Family Support team?

To access the help and support of the Family Support team you can leave a message on their duty phone (01482 784343 ext 358), you can ask any member of staff looking after you or your loved one to contact them, or you can contact the Medical Secretaries by calling 01482 784343, email, or visit our Accessing our Services page. For more information about how we help families please visit our information for families page.


You can download a booklet about the services of the Family Support Team, and we also offer a detailed booklet containing Bereavement help and information.