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Children's Bereavement Groups

The main aim of the groups is to give children who have experienced bereavement the knowledge that they are not alone and to be with other people who will understand them in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

Children's Bereavement Groups
Children's Bereavement Groups

Every week in the UK, 800 children experience the death of a parent with thousands more losing grandparents. The impact of bereavement on children can be devastating, including changes in their behaviour, their physical and emotional wellbeing and educational achievement. Although grief reactions are normal following the death of a loved one, sometimes having support can help a child have a better understanding of their emotions.

This service will enable children to share their feelings safely and give them strategies to cope in the future.

Who can use this service

The Children’s Bereavement Groups help children from 6 to 17 years old with two groups for different ages: one group for 6-11 years and the other for 12-17 years.
The service is open to all children, not only those whose loved one died at Dove House Hospice. Children who have experienced all types of bereavement, including those from illness, suicide, accidents and murder, and where the bereavement is due to the death of a parent, grandparent or anyone who is significant to the child are welcome.

An assessment will be made of children referred to ensure the group is suitable for their needs.


The groups will take place on a Saturday (6-11 years) and a weekday evening (12-17 years).


The groups will take place in the Amy Johnson Community Hub at Dove House Hospice on Chamberlain Road in Hull. It is a warm, welcoming space, with lots of room to do structured and enjoyable activities.

How to make referrals?

Referrals are taken for children living in the Hull and East Riding area.

Please note, there is no transport available to get children to and from the venue. We can only accept referrals over the telephone.

To make a referral or for more information about this service, please contact the Children’s Bereavement Coordinators on:

(01482) 785745, 07890630864 / 07790939341 or email