Quality Account 2021/22

We have just published our first Quality Account which covers the 2021/22 year. The report highlights our commitment and drive in providing quality care and services for our patients and their families.

The last two years have been exceptionally challenging for us here but we have had a consistent focus on delivering safe, effective and responsive care.
In the report we look back at our priorities for last year, outline our achievements and successes, but
also reflect on areas of learning and improvement as we set out our goals for 2022/23.

"Despite all the uncertainty, what has remained consistent is a culture in which our employees and volunteers ‘live’ quality in all their actions, through their passion, positivity and professionalism, which underpins everything we do at Dove House." 

             - Chris Sadler, Chief Executive

We hope you find the document and interesting account of the year which reassures you of how important high quality care is to everyone here at Dove House.

Download Quality Accounts 21/22 PDF