We’re celebrating 25 years of Your Charity Lottery!

The lottery was first launched by Dove House Hospice in 1996, in that time we have managed to raised £8.6 million thanks to our loyal players; the money goes directly back into patient care.

The lottery has draws weekly, that means that on average £7,000 is raised a week however latest figures show us that the lottery is now raising £10,000 per week. Without the lottery, Dove House Hospice wouldn’t have been able to stay open after the many set backs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Did you know that by playing the lottery each week you are helping a nurse spend time with a patient who has just arrived and needs some reassurance when settling in? Did you know that by continuing to support the hospice lottery that you are helping to make hospice and palliative care available to everyone in the community that needs it? There are so many reasons to play Your Charity Lottery, it may also be your way of giving back when Dove House supported you. Whatever your reason, it all helps to sustain the hospice in your community and everyone at Dove House is extremely thankful for your support over the last 25 years and hope you will continue to show your support in this way for years to come.
Laura Sadler, Head of Fundraising here at Dove House had this to say: “I would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to players past and present from within the community who have helped to achieve this amazing amount and such a valuable sustainable income source for the hospice. We couldn’t have made it without you. By playing the lottery each week, you have contributed in helping us survive and flourish. What a year to turn 25 but a year when so many people have shown their support in playing Your Charity Lottery. To mark the occasion an additional prize each month will be up for grabs with the first one being £250 in the 4th June draw. Thank you again, you are all amazing!”

The rollover (that increases by £200 every week it isn’t won) is still growing, it can go all the way up to £10,000!

There is still time to join and support the hospice, go to:

Dove House - Your Charity Lottery