Corporate Volunteering

Without the generous support of volunteers, Dove House could not deliver essential care to our community.

Individuals and groups from local businesses who volunteer with us contribute significantly to the quality of care we provide and become an integral part of our wider team.

Why volunteer with Dove House?

- We have a variety of roles to suit everyone, from gardening, decorating and supporting our facilities department, to working with our retail, fundraising or care teams.
- We have the ability to take on both small teams of 1-5 individuals and also groups of upto 15.
- We have implemented an 'easy booking' system so that individual staff members are able to book direct and a log is recorded to keep track of activity.
- We capture pictures and videos to create content that you can use to use on your channels.

Personal and business benefits of volunteering:

- Engage staff by undertaking volunteering as a team-building activity. It offers a wonderful opportunities for employees to form strong connections, cooperate effectively, and contribute to the community.
- Improve employee morale and satisfaction as volunteering provides a sense of purpose and pride.
- Achieve ESG / CSR goals by offering employees volunteer days, demonstrating the company's commitment to creating a better community by hitting social targets.
- Develop new skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and empathy, which can be valuable for their professional development.

Volunteering Opportunities

Click on the buttons below to check out the latest volunteering opportunities. They are split into;
- General Opportunities: Roles that can be done throughout the year
- Seasonal Opportunities: Roles that are available either on a specific date or during a certain time of the year

Generic Opportunitites   Seasonal Fundraising Opportunities   Seasonal Facilities Opportunitites

For More Information

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Volunteer with Dove House, contact Jonny Bottomley on or 07970531004