Winter Raffle 2021 Entry is £1 a ticket and will give you the chance to warm up your winter and win up to £2,021.

19 Mar 2021
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Dove House Hospice & Your Charity Lottery

Playing the Winter Raffle 2021 is a fun way of providing vital care and support in our local community while also having the chance to win one of 38 prizes.

This last year has been tough for the hospice, we are faced with a loss in income due to the pandemic but playing the Winter Raffle is one of the ways that will help to raise essential funds.

Entry is £1 a ticket and will give you the chance to warm up your winter and win up to £2,021.

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Winter Raffle 2021

Carl's Story

My name is Carl and my wife Beth, who was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago, spent just over two wonderful months at Dove House before she died at just 40 years old in September 2020. Our boys, Ethan and Jared, are only 15 and 11 - they are too young to lose their mum, but with the help of Dove House we are navigating this journey with the best support we could hope for.

Beth was in the hospice during the Coronavirus pandemic and even so, Ethan and Jared were able to visit every day, we had birthday parties, made crafts together and the hospice even arranged a movie night for us. We just wanted to feel like a normal family doing everyday things, and I will be forever grateful to Dove House for making this happen. One night staff arranged for us to have a sleep over all together at the hospice, surprising us with breakfast in bed the next day! These are the things you normally take for granted; losing Beth has taught me to cherish every little moment.
We all made such special memories during our time at the hospice which will live on even though Beth is sadly no longer with us. It is these memories and all of the amazing things we did as a family that keep us going, they keep us strong when really, we are beside ourselves with grief. Now, after Beth has died, Dove House are still helping us to cope, showing us how to be a family even though our biggest part is no longer here.

Today I am asking you to please take part in this year’s Dove House Winter Raffle, especially in a year like we’re in where the hospice needs all the support it can get to keep the doors open ready to be there for families like ours. I honestly couldn’t tell you where we would be if they hadn’t scooped us up and put their Dove House wings around us.

We can never repay the hospice enough for helping us be a proper family right until the end, and want to do everything we can to support them.

Please, if you can, buy a Raffle ticket or sell them to your friends, family and neighbours. You could be in with a chance of winning £2021 or one of the other great prizes, whilst knowing that you are making such an important difference to families going through the saddest of days.

"It was of great comfort for us to know Mum was happy at Dove House, we could see the amazin care she (and us!) was receiving and that really helped when it was time to say goodbye." - Ethan and Jared, Beth and Carl's sons.

We’d like to thank Carl and his family for sharing their story in support of the Winter Raffle.