The Reworked shop sells upcycled and refurbished items, including furniture, art, homewares and soft furnishings. The shop is the product of a collaboration between the hospice and HMP Hull where the charity run a workshop dedicated to reworking and reimagining items that have been donated and cannot be sold in other Dove House outlets because they are broken or incomplete.

What is Reworked

The reworked project has been set up by Hull Prison, and Dove House Hospice to help prisoners gain specialised skills in furniture making and upcycling. Old and unusable items are taken and given a new life using a dedicated workshop inside the prison.

Our aim

The aim of the program is to support, rehabilitate, and ultimately reduce prisoners reoffending. Every single item produced is sold in the reworked shop, and all profits are given directly to Dove House Hospice.

Environmentally friendly

The project helps to reduce the number of products going to landfill. A feel good, enviromentally friendly way to furnish your home.


Opening Hours

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