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Visiting Dove House

Some useful information if you're visiting or staying at Dove House Hospice

Getting to Dove House Hospice

Dove House Hospice is located on Chamberlain Road in East Hull, between Stoneferry Road and James Reckitt Avenue.

What do I need to know before a stay on the Wilberforce Unit?

We understand that coming to Dove House Hospice to spend some time on the Inpatient Unit can be quite daunting so below is some information that might be useful. Also, please take a look at our Wilberforce Unit page for more details on what you can expect from this area of the hospice:

Flexible Visiting Hours

Family members are welcome to visit patients any time of the day up until 9pm although this can be later in special circumstances. On occasions it can be arranged for families to stay at the hospice in our self—contained flat, the Bob Thistleton Suites, which is especially designed for families to be near their loved ones. Children and pets are also welcome to visit the Inpatient Unit and whilst we do not expect children to be quiet as mice and do provide toys for them to play with we may have to restrict play at times as some of the patients are very unwell.

If you have a loved one who is staying in our Inpatient Unit you are welcome to visit any time up until 9pm (in special circumstances this may be extended) just come into reception and explain that you are here to visit a patient and the friendly receptionist will sign you in and show you where to go. Some people get nervous or worried when it is their first visit, don't worry as everyone at the hospice is happy to help you and wants you to enjoy spending time with your loved one.


The hospice has free, priority on-site parking for visiting loved ones.

What to Bring

You will need to bring your own toiletries and night wear with you on your visit, although we do have limited supplies of these for emergency situations. We encourage patients to get dressed during the day if they feel well enough so you will need to bring some comfortable day wear too. You will also have to bring your current medication.


Please do not bring any valuables or large amounts of money with you. The hospice does have the facilities for the deposit of money and small valuables during your stay, but usually small amount of money for the telephone and newspapers is enough.


Dove House Hospice is exempt from the Smoke-Free Legislation (2007) and patients in the Inpatient Unit are allowed to smoke in the designated smoking room only.


There is a kitchen on the Wilberforce Unit with tea and coffee making facilities and a fridge where patients can keep any foods they might wish to bring with them to Dove House. Our catering department provides meals for our patients and liaises directly with patients to see what they fancy eating - family members can also be provided with meals for a small charge. Our on-site cafe Dulcie's is also open every day 8am - 2pm.


We do allow alcohol to be brought into the Wilberforce Unit if it is a special occasion or you fancy enjoying a small drink with your loved ones. There is the provision for patients to have an alcoholic drink at any time.