Patients, Families & Carers

Consultant Appointments

Here at Dove House Hospice we offer our patients the chance to have one-to-one appointments with our leading consultant who can advise patients on specific problems relating to their illness.

In what other ways can these appointments benefit the patient?

The appointments give patients the opportunity to access directly the help and advice of a specialist in palliative care and this gives them the opportunity to discuss any particular problems they may be having, and how to deal with them without needing to be an in-patient at the hospice. Coming to an appointment like this also gives the patient a broader understanding of the work we do here at the hospice and how we can help in a variety of different ways.

How can you make an appointment?

If you are not already receiving care from Dove House Hospice please see our page on Accessing our Services. If you are already accessing the services we have to offer please speak to any of the clinical team involved with your care or speak to the medical secretaries by phoning (01482) 784343 or email

What happens during the appointments?

The Consultant will make an assessment of the patient's illness after talking to them and reading their medical records. Advice will be given on lifestyle and medication and, where appropriate, medication can be altered. Sometimes the Consultant will also give the patient injections to help with pain control. These appointments also give the patient the opportunity to find out more about the variety of services Dove House Hospice has to offer.