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Amy Johnson Unit - Day Therapy

People come to the Amy Johnson Unit (AJU) specifically for the therapies and treatments.

What does the Amy Johnson Unit Offer?

Some people come to the Amy Johnson Unit (AJU) specifically for the therapies and treatments whereas others benefit mainly from the support, advice or activities offered. This part of the hospice, as with all departments at Dove House, is completely person-centred and the staff will ensure that each patient's needs are catered for.

A wide variety of creative and therapeutic activities are offered in the AJU, including:
- exercising
- creative writing
- reminiscence work
- arts & crafts
- music
- relaxation
- quizzes
- discussion groups
- gardening

Activities are organised and run by one of the hospice therapists or one of the day therapy volunteers.

Different activities have different aims; some, like creative writing and some arts, will allow a patient to address how they feel in a different way rather than talking directly about it. This lifts a weight off of the patient's shoulders, helping the patient with their worries. Some activities, like the exercise groups or Nintendo Wii sessions, keep the patient active and give them important physiotherapy in a less formal setting, enabling the patient to really enjoy themselves and have a good laugh too!

The AJU also enables patients to access specific therapies, and appointments can be made with our therapists for the day on which the patient visits Dove House.

The AJU also provides a big part of our current respite care facilities at the hospice. When a patient visits the hospice for one day a week it often gives their carer a day to themselves, when they can get the shopping done or go to the gym without the worry that their loved one is home alone. Families and carers who have someone visiting the AJU often tell us that they feel they can truly relax for the day, knowing their loved one is in "safe hands". Of course, the AJU team welcomes family and carers to come along with the patient on the day if they would like to.

The AJU team works hard to plan the days based on different needs and requirements, so when a patient first comes to the unit they will be allocated to the specific day that best suits their needs.

The clinical team on the AJU includes professionals from many different areas including consultants, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, complementary therapists and the Family Support Team to ensure that every aspect of the patients life is looked after and helped whilst they are at the hospice. We want to make sure that we treat the whole person rather than just the illness and everything we do will be centred around the patient and their family.

To find out more about the people who work here at Dove House Hospice see our About Us section.

The services provided in the AJU are completely free of charge and are available to anyone over the age of 18 who has had a diagnosis of a non-curable life-limiting illness. To find out more about this service please contact the Senior Sisters on 01482 784343 or email

If you think that yourself or someone you know might benefit from the services offered by the AJU please check our Accessing our services page to find out how you can get referred and start getting help now.