Patients, Families & Carers

Myth Busting

Solving all Dove House Hospice rumours and misconceptions.

There are many rumours and misconceptions about Dove House Hospice and hospice care in general so below we have compiled a list of these common beliefs and told you the truth about the hospice.

Dove House Hospice is a religious service and you can only access it if you are religious

Dove House Hospice provides care for anyone in the local community regardless of religion, race or cultural background. We do offer spiritual and pastoral care for any of our patients, if they would like it. We have a multi-faith room, the York Room, which is used for services, communion, reflection time, meditation or simply moments of peace.

Only old people go to Dove House Hospice

Dove House Hospice can provide specialist care to anyone over the age of 18 years old who has had a diagnosis of a non-curable life limiting illness. Patients at the hospice vary in ages and any adult is able to access the services if they need them.

You only come to Dove House Hospice to die

End of life care is only a really small part of the work we do here at Dove House Hospice.

We have a Day Therapy Unit where up to 25 patients can visit each day, Tuesday to Friday, to benefit from therapies and support tailored to their individual needs:

  • Our Inpatient Unit offers a respite care service where patients can come to the hospice and stay while their families and carers are able to have a break from the hard work of caring
  • Our care extends to the whole family not just the person who is ill and we offer a number of psychological, physical, social and spiritual support services for everyone to make use of
  • We also offer bereavement support for as long as we are needed
  • We encourage patients to choose their own preferred place of care and can make arrangements for patients to come into the hospice for their final days or, if they are already at Dove House Hospice, make arrangements for them to go home

Dove House Hospice is just a shop where I can pick up a bargain!

Dove House Hospice has over thirty charity shops in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire area which between them raise a fantastic amount of money, helping the hospice continue to provide its services. The hospice itself is based on one site on Chamberlain Road East Hull.

Dove House Hospice is totally funded by statutory bodies such as the NHS

Though Dove House Hospice does receives funding from the local Primary Care Trusts and other statutory bodies, that will only enable us to deliver the services we provide for 45 days!

We need to raise around £6.1 million to meet the running costs for the remaining 320 days of the year, every year. We do this through income generation streams such as our Dove House shops, fundraising in the community and the Dove House Lottery.

The support of the local community in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire is extremely important to us and we wouldn't be able to mainitain our services without it so thank you for your support!

Dove House is just the same as a nursing home

Although Dove House Hospice provides 24-hour care as part of its service this is on a short term basis and patients usually need this for no longer than two weeks.

Unlike a nursing home, the hospice specialises in improving the quality of life for a patient because of a specific illness, it does not provide general nursing care. Dove House Hospice does work alongside local nursing homes to ensure that our patients are receiving the best care wherever they might be living.

Dove House Hospice is a gloomy and sad place

If you visit our hospice you will find that is generally a very happy place, with a warm and relaxing atmosphere and staff and volunteers who are very friendly, genuine and upbeat. We encourage our patients to make themselves at home, so we provide many home comforts to keep our patients and their families smiling.

You can only use Dove House Hospice if you have Cancer

Although a lot of our patients are living with Cancer this is not the only illness we care for. We look after patients who have had any diagnosis of a non-curable life-limiting illness including, but not restricted to:

  • Respiratory disorders
  • Heart diseases
  • Renal disorders
  • Motor neurone disease and other neurological problems
  • HIV/Aids

The team at the hospice are used to dealing with a wide range of illness including more complex and rare cases.

The hospice only helps people from a 'middle-class' background

Here at Dove House Hospice we strive to make our services available to everyone in the community who needs us, regardless of social position, wealth or background.

Anyone who needs us is welcome here!