Patients, Families & Carers

Making a Referral

Can I make a Self-referral?

Yes! If you think you or someone you know could benefit from the services Dove House Hospice has to offer then it is easy to make a self-referral and start getting the help the hospice provides. All patients (whether previously known to Dove House Hospice or not) can self-refer to the hospice on our 24-hour number 01482 785700.

What if I'm scared of making a referral to Dove House Hospice?

Please don’t be. There are many myths surrounding hospice care which may make you reticent about referring yourself or a loved one to Dove House. We’re working to dispel those myths (see our Myth busting page) and we want to reassure you that by making a referral to Dove House you are letting us provide you with the specialist care and advice you deserve.

What happens after I have made the referral?

Once we have liaised with their GP, our aim is to admit the patient to the Wilberforce Unit within 24 hours of referral, or within 8 hours for urgent referrals.