Project ECHO is a distance learning methodology that breaks down hierarchies of specialist knowledge by creating virtual knowledge sharing networks.

It uses a 'learning loop' approach; specialist and non-specialists can learn from each other by collaboratively problem solving real-time experiences and sharing best practice via video-conferencing, creating a community of practice.

Why is Project ECHO needed?

Project ECHO was set up as a virtual training hub in partnership with Humber, Coast & Vale Health and Care Partnership in 2020 and is based at Dove House Hospice.  The aim of the Project is to share expert knowledge from around Hull and the East Riding on a variety of topics.  Expert speakers might be from the Hospice, the CCG, GP Surgeries, Hospitals or out in the Community.

Who can take part?

Training is provided to adult social care organisations across Hull and East Riding free of charge.

The Format of an ECHO Session

An ECHO network on average runs between 3 – 9 weeks depending on the subject being taught, running for 60 – 90 minutes per week, each week will have a different “expert” to share their knowledge.

The topic expert delivers a teaching session presentation with discussion. The participants then discuss current issues or experiences they face and determine the best course of action together through 1-2 ‘case presentations’.

To be involved in a session, you will need access to an internet connection or a device with inbuilt connection. Speakers & a microphone, webcam or inbuilt camera, tablets or mobiles are great devices for this along with your laptop or PC. Discussions will take place using real-life cases, which in turn facilitates learning as no case is the same and many can have complexities.

After each Network attendees will receive a certificate with CPD participatory hours. Project ECHO also works with the IPC Team who deliver donning and doffing of PPE equipment and Champions Training periodically throughout the year.

What others thought...

Hayley Sharp

Learning Disability Primary Care Nurse
As a service we have developed a great relationship with the ECHO team, regularly meeting and discussing new ideas for the future. We massively appreciate the work the ECHO team put into the training program, and we are really excited about possible future plans.

Lavender Court

Residential Care Home
Great session, really helpful and feel looked after. Can’t wait for the other ECHO sessions to begin, definitely want to be involved.

Humber Trust

NHS Foundation Trust
I found the first session very informative, and it was so good to see representative from so many care providers. I am pleased there continues to be representation from ER CTLD on the course which is of great value.

Yorkare Homes

Care Home
Good session – looking forward to future topics. Put our name down for care home ECHO Sessions.

CCG Hull & East Riding Falls Team

This is so good - I will be recommending to all my colleagues.

Affinity Trust

Charity supporting people with learning disabilities
Thank you to the team, we have also really enjoyed these training sessions.

The Old School House

Nursing Home
We enjoyed the session, it was very informative.

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