Project ECHO is a distance learning methodology that breaks down hierarchies of specialist knowledge by creating virtual knowledge sharing networks.

It uses a 'learning loop' approach; specialist teams and local providers learn from each other by collaboratively problem solving real-time experiences and sharing best practice via video-conferencing.

Why is Project ECHO needed?

Project ECHO was set up as a hub in partnership with Humber, Coast & Vale Health and Care Partnership in 2020 and is based at Dove House Hospice.  The aim of the Project is to share expert knowledge from around Hull and the East Riding on a variety of topics.  Expert speakers might be from the Hospice, the CCG, GP Surgeries, Hospitals or out in the Community.

Who can take part?

Training is provided to organisations across Hull and East Riding free of charge.

The Format of an ECHO Session

A typical ECHO session is 60-90 minutes long.

A topic expert delivers a 20 minute teaching session with discussion. The participants then discuss current issues or experiences they face and determine the best course of action together through 1-2 ‘case presentations’.

To be involved in a session, you will just need access to a Zoom account. Discussions will take place using real-life cases, which in turn facilitates learning as no case is the same and many can have complexities.

After each Network each attendee will receive a certificate with CPD participatory hours. Project ECHO also works with the IPC Team who deliver donning and doffing of PPE equipment and Champions Training periodically throughout the year.

What others thought...


Age 55
Donating and shopping at my local charity shop is my way of giving back to Dove House for the amazing kindness they gave to my family.


Daughter of a patient
“Thank you so much for all the care and compassion you gave my mum. You were all so kind to her, especially for helping arrange iPad so I could communicate when I had Covid-19 symptoms and couldn’t visit.”


Retail Volunteer
I really value my role as a volunteer and the part I play to ensure we open and serve the local people in my community and in turn support the hospice. I am valued and I know that my help makes a difference.


Retail Volunteer
Since I have been volunteering for Dove House I have noticed that my mental health has improved massively. Volunteering can be what you want it to be. You can come in, help and go home or you can build on areas you want to learn or gain skills in. For me it has given me valuable skills that I am forever trying to repay. Dove House has turned my life around!


Age 76
Dove House Hospice charity shops are by far the best, the staff and volunteers are so friends and take the to talk to you.


Age 22
I can’t believe the quality of the clothes, people expect second hand items to be lower quality and they’re just not!


Having had cancer myself it really does give you a different outlook on life and I am proud to volunteer at Dove House. It is only a little bit of time but it works around my work/life schedule and if everyone did the same it would make one big difference.


Age 43
Why buy something new when you can buy it from a charity shop? You are busting fast fashion and supporting such a worthy cause.


Volunteer of the Year 2019
I give my time and commitment to Dove House but I feel I get so much more out of volunteering than I give. It is hugely rewarding. I think Dove House is a fantastic place to volunteer and I would encourage everybody to give it a go.


Age 33
Nothing is too much trouble, the ladies in the new toy shop were really friendly and super helpful.


Age 17
Second hand is helping support our planet, recycle and reuse. I love that Dove House helps me stick to my values.


Age 67
I like knowing that when I buy something from the Dove House charity shop I am help support such a fantastic hospice.
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Upcoming Networks

September To December 2021

Networks offered to Care Homes, Independent Supported Living, Domiciliary Services and Agencies across Hull & East Riding

  • 10 Week Dementia Network: Wednesdays 1:30 – 3pm - 15 Sept to 01 Dec
  • 7 Week Learning Disability Network: Tuesdays 1:30 – 3pm – 12 Oct to 30 Nov
  • 3 Week ReSTORE2 Mini Network – Supporting Deteriorating Residents – 1:30-3pm – 25 Nov to 09 Dec

Networks offered to Primary Care Centres, GP Surgeries across Hull & East Riding

  • 6 Week Frailty: Thursdays – 07 Oct – 18 Nov


ReSTORE2 Mini Network
End of Life Care Network Re-run

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