Kelly and Archie's story

My name is Kelly and my little boy Archie, age 10, attended the Children’s Bereavement Group at Dove House after his grandad died.

He was very worried before the group. I think he had lots of questions -what would happen? What was expected of him? Would he like it? What if he didn’t like it?
Having the group coordinator, Jill, come to our house at the start of the process, and then into school, supported Archie and helped him feel less anxious to attend the sessions. Meeting Jill took that pressure off, he could walk into the room and know at least one person, I am not sure if he would have actually gone in otherwise as it must have been very overwhelming. Especially at a time in his life when he was really struggling. He had very big feelings at such a young age because of his bereavement and needed support.

Once Archie completed the sessions, I noticed such a difference in him. He went from not being able to share his feelings and actively hiding them, to being able to confide in me. Now he openly talks about his Grandad without feeling sad which is huge for him. He made friends at the group which certainly boosted his confidence too. Being surrounded by other children who understood the pain of someone they cared deeply about dying helped him feel seen and not afraid to open up. As he got to know them he could see himself in them and them in him. He hadn’t had that with his own friends and I think it was something he needed without even realising.
Dove House helped Archie have a deeper understanding and acceptance of death. As a parent I cannot begin to thank the Children’s Bereavement Group for how much they have helped my son.

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