Nick - My Dad Roy's story

When going to Dove House was first mentioned to us we had no idea what they had to offer. Dad was in pain so we knew we needed help but, like so many people, we thought that a hospice was a place you just go to die. We were nervous to go into Dove House.

During the pandemic was a worrying time to need support for Dad but every single aspect of Dove House was fantastic. We could never have imagined the support we would instantly be surrounded with.

Dad has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) but we had no idea what stage his illness was at and we really didn’t know what was going to happen. As soon as Dad went to Dove House the doctors could see he was struggling more than he should have been and within such a short time of first coming through the doors Dad was on oxygen and his pain was easing.

Dad spent eight lovely weeks at the hospice and we only have amazing words to say about the care he received. I can’t change what is happening to Dad, I just want the best possible care for my loved one like anyone would, and at Dove House he was given just that.
From not knowing what a hospice had to offer to coming away saying it’s all brilliant is such a relief. People do of course die at Dove House, I think we all know that but that wasn’t our family’s story. Like Dad, lots of patients are able to come out of the hospice once their symptoms are being managed. I think the true beauty about receiving respite care is that we got to see firsthand how fantastic the hospice really is because you really don’t appreciate that until you are there surrounded by those caring conversations and that feeling that, no matter what your need is, you and your loved ones are looked after.

We wouldn’t question going back to the hospice, they know everything about Dad’s condition and how to help him. As his son, this gives me such peace of mind. Dad has told me that he wants to die at Dove House, words that I thought would hurt to hear but actually, now that we have experienced the beauty that is hospice care, we are both at peace with that decision.”