Kimberley's Story 

My name is Kimberley and my mum is being cared for by the family support team at Dove House. She was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer at just 45 years old.

We first heard of Dove House after receiving the devasting news that she has cancer. No one thinks they will get cancer so to hear that my mum had it turned my world upside down, I am so afraid of losing my mum and my son losing his grandma. I am so glad Mum was referred to the hospice, their help has been invaluable! Dove House have been amazing, the support they have shown our family is incredible. Beth from the Family Support Team has been our rock, I don’t know what Mum would do without her.

Mum now 46 years old and her partner Les reconnected after growing up in the same grove and have longed to get married for some time. With Mum’s illness they decided to move the wedding forward because quite honestly, we don’t know how long she has left. Money is tight as it is for so many of us right now but they desperately wanted to get married and share precious memories with the rest of our family.

When Mum mentioned this to Beth and shared how she worried they wouldn’t be able to afford the wedding due to the time pressure, she kindly asked what was left that they needed. From then it was a whirlwind and suddenly the wedding was upon us and the hospice had helped us with a stunning car, a photographer, flowers, a hairstylist, and someone to come and do Mum’s makeup and make her feel a million dollars like she deserved.

Everyone deserves to feel special on their wedding day. Dove House helped Mum forget about her terminal illness for the day so she could simply enjoy their magical day together.

To see her truly happy like that is something I will never forget. Thanks to Dove House we have such lovely professional photos that we can keep forever.

It means the absolute most she could have this experience, I know in our hearts we don’t know what comes next but at least we had this day, and what a day it was.

I know Mum is struggling and everyone at Dove House have been so supportive, helping her get through each day knowing she has the hospice to keep her up when she is too weak. My mum means the most to me so knowing that she is being cared for like this is comforting.

I am thankful for everything that the hospice have done and I know that the support going forward will be just as amazing.