Glen's Story

After spending five weeks in hospital I very much welcomed the calmness and quietness of Dove House. I am living with cancer, have had brain aneurisms, a lung removed, and multiple tumours and within the space of two weeks I lost all feeling and function in my legs. I had gone from a handyman who could do anything to not even being able to walk.
Coming to Dove House was like a breath of fresh air, I could relax and I could finally see my grandkids. They are the light of my life and not being able to see them for five weeks was far too long. In hospital I had to have one designated person who would visit and having two daughters that felt like an impossible choice. It was a lot of pressure and responsibility to put on just one person as she would have to relay all of the information to the rest of my family. At Dove House I didn’t have to choose, everything was much easier.

The atmosphere at Dove House is so welcoming and everyone that visited was made to feel welcome, especially the little ones. They were free to be themselves just like they would be if they were visiting me at home, it was that little bit of normal for them and for me. One of my Grandkids even made me a card and I was able to have it on my sunny windowsill.
One thing that really strikes me about Dove House is how the care is personal, the nurses build a real relationship with you, they even knew I had a sweet tooth and that jam sponge and custard was my favourite! There is a lot to be said about homemade hospice food, I loved the meals.

After a couple of weeks at Dove House, a care plan was in place for me to go home but I know Dove House is there when I need them. I will never be afraid of coming back into the hospice.

We would like to thank Glen’s family for allowing us to share his story after he sadly died.