Events & Challenges

Seasonal Appeals

We offer many ways to help you embrace the season and have festive fun whilst helping raise money for Dove House.

Christmas Hamper

Let us provide you with a Christmas hamper packed with a delicious array of sweet treats, from chocolates to preserve, along with a book of 100 raffle tickets or a 100-square grid. All we ask is that you encourage the place of work to sell as many tickets/squares as possible at £1 each in the hope of raising £100!

Christmas Trinkets

We can provide you with a box of 30 trinkets which we ask you to place in a prominent position to encourage colleagues and customers to make a donation to the hospice.

Give a Greeting

Rather than send Christmas cards to each other, take one of our posters, put them up on the staffroom notice board and send messages to each other in return for a donation to the hospice.

Christmas Jumper Day

Simply make a donation to come to work in your favourite Christmas jumper. You could add a twist by supplying a prize for the best - or worst - efforts on your chosen day!