Saturday 11th May

Fire and Ice Walk

Conquer your fears!

Conquer your fears and experience the ultimate mind over matter challenge of walking over hot coals and broken!

The Firewalk:
Firewalking is the practice of walking barefoot on hot embers at a temperature of up to 1200*F (that's 650*C!). After a comprehensive training seminar from UK Firewalk, you will be led to the fire and walk safely across the burning embers.

The Ice Walk:
Glass walking is also known as “Ice walking” and is completely different to fire walking. Hundreds of broken and sterilised bottles are laid out, then you place your foot on the razor sharp glass and walk confidently across.

Take on one challenge for £25 - or both in one night for £40!
This registration fee pays for the event to take place so we're also asking all our walkers to raise money for the hospice, £100 if you take on one challenge of £150 for both!

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