Our Vision and Values

United we will be: positive, professional and passionate.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every adult within our community with a life limiting illness has the best quality of life possible with easy access to high quality palliative care in the setting of their choosing.

Our Values

United we will be: positive, professional and passionate:


  • Willingness to help
  • Showing empathy and support for others
  • Trust in the hospice and other people


  • To search for solutions when dealing with a problem
  • Open to ideas and other people‚Äôs perspectives
  • To encourage and give praise


  • Approachable and willing to listen objectively to help out another person
  • Showing respect for all persons and the hospice
  • Following hospice values
  • Being polite and considerate


  • Champion of the hospice
  • Going the extra mile
  • Being enthusiastic and committed

Mission Statement

Dove House Hospice Limited exists to provide a range of specialist services for people with a life-threatening illness and those who care about them, in order to maintain and enhance their quality of life.

  • We will preserve the dignity of our patients and those who care about them, respecting their individuality, acting with honesty and integrity at all times
  • We will continually strive to review and improve the services we offer to ensure that they meet the changing needs of the people of Hull and the East Riding
  • We offer to share with others the knowledge and skills that are vested in our staff
  • We believe that the patients, and their families and friends, are at the centre of everything we do
  • We believe we should meet the individual needs of people with life-threatening illnesses and of those who care about them. These needs may be physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological
  • We believe we should provide a unique and special range of services which are equally available to all residents of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire
  • We recognise that the service is provided by a wide range of people, all of whose contributions are important and valued
  • We recognise that all our people, both paid and unpaid, can only give of their best when they are supported in their work
  • We recognise the need to make the best possible use of all our resources, managing them and operating in a professional, caring and efficient way
  • We believe we should provide an environment in which feelings may be openly expressed, and acknowledged with sensitivity