Lester’s Story

Posted on: July 18th, 2018

Whilst most 16 year olds were enjoying the bright lights of Hull Fair, Lester and his 13 year old brother Miles were spending time together at Dove House.

“My brother and I weren’t aware at first that she had gone to Dove House to pass away until 3 or 4 days before she did. She had been in hospital many times before over a few years so it became the norm and we assumed it to be another one of those visits, but this time in a specialised place.”

From that moment Dove House Hospice became a very special place for the family. Lester and Miles slept at the hospice and a room was set aside for his dad, Pete, to stay in – though Pete didn’t leave his wife’s side. “The main thing that stood out for me was that nothing was a problem. It was so necessary for us at that time to be with her, to be able to be with her when she passed meant a lot to us though at the time it obviously felt very traumatic.”

“I remember that her stay there was filled with peace and that the care given was so incredible, it amazed me that so much attention and care was given to someone who the staff knew was going to pass away”.

After his mum died, Lester refused to speak to anyone about how he was feeling. His dad found solace speaking with John in the Family Support Team and in fact he still regularly meets with him and other widowers from that time. There was a point when Lester realised he needed help, Pete called the hospice and the next day John arrived at their house: “I remember very little other than he was very comforting”.

Because of the care the hospice gave to his mum, Lester has dedicated this 20th anniversary to raising as much money as possible for Dove House Hospice. Rather than choose a specific fundraising idea Lester has spent this year raising money through whatever events come up! He’s raised money from accompanying students at their music exams, he’s run both the Hull Half Marathon and the Hull Marathon, he’s performed a recital and taken his church choir carol singing. His whole family get involved with his 8-year old son Zach playing drums and his youngest, Morgan aged 5, singing a solo on a CD Lester is recording! The CD of original music will also be sold to raise money for the hospice.

The amazing care given to his mum 20 years ago when she spent her final days in the hospice made Lester realise how important the work is and it’s for that reason he wants to raise as much money as possible.