Annual review

Our Annual Review reflects the wonderful care that takes place here and also the wonderful work that goes on in order to make sure that the care can continue

Hospice care is about living life to the full, no matter how long the person may have left to live

Dove House Hospice is bright and airy, colorful and friendly

Often when people hear the word hospice they immediately think of death and dying.

In fact to see statements like the one on the front of our Annual Review 2016-17 saying hospices are full of life can be confusing and unexpected but it is true.

Yes hospices like Dove House play a part in facilitating “good” deaths for patients who choose to die with us, and this is a really important part of what we do, but the majority of hospice work is about enabling patients to live the best life possible for however long they are able and despite whatever illness they have.

In our Rehab for Wellbeing groups, the focus is definitely on LIFE - helping people feel better about themselves, more independent, less tired and more in control; our Amy Johnson day therapy unit activities inspire creativity, friendship and fun, and our Wilberforce in-patient unit bedrooms open onto beautiful gardens which are an oasis of calm and tranquillity.

Our hospice is bright and airy, colourful and friendly. A home from home. Full of life; full of laughter; full of love.

It is one of our goals to reach out to potential patients earlier in their illnesses so we can do more to help them and their families live as well as possible for as long as possible; to reinvent the word hospice so that the images it conjures up are reflective of the place it is, not the sad place people often imagine it is.

In this year’s annual review you will read about just some of the special things we have done in the last 12 months to help our patients live well and achieve their goals. Thank you to those who have allowed us to share their stories. We hope by reading our Annual Review you can see how our hospice promotes life and is indeed full of life.

Because of our supporters, thousands of people with life-limiting illnesses have been helped to live out their lives comfortably, with dignity and the best possible care. Each of our patients has their own story. Each of our donors, volunteers, staff and Board members also have their own stories too. In this year’s Annual Review you will read about some of the hospice stories and about hope, resilience and care. A special thank you to all the service users and carers who have kindly shared their stories in the Annual Review. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to make any of this possible.

We hope that this year's Annual Review will give you a real feel and understanding about the work we do and the patients and families that we care for.

Our Annual Review reflects the wonderful care that takes place here and also the wonderful work that goes on in order to make sure that the care can continue. It tells the ongoing story of Dove House and the stories of the patients and their families who come through our doors.

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