Colleges and Universities

Helping the hospice can be a great social activity and can be great fun; organising fundraising events can also compliment some college and university courses too.


There are lots of different things colleges and universities can do to get involved with Dove House Hospice. From classes/courses like Business or Events Management organising a function to raise funds for the hospice to a social group or society hosting a competition or event to fundraise; from nominating Dove House Hospice as the Charity of the Year in a certain department or club and doing small activities throughout the year or organising a Dove House Hospice awareness and fundraising day on campus and getting everyone involved - there really is something to suit everyone! If you are considering hosting your own activity then please click here and browse through the hints, tips and useful information we have put together to help you make your event a success.


We also have collection boxes that can be displayed in reception areas or canteens to collect up that loose change and seasonal appeals which colleges and universities can get involved in like taking part in our Giant Easter Egg competition or having a Share-a-Card at Christmas rather than sending individual Christmas Cards.


If you are interested in supporting Dove House Hospice and would like to chat about how you can get involved please do contact us alternatively if you are interested in one of our team coming to visit you and talking to classes, groups or staff about the hospice please email us at




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